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Residential Solar in Alberta

The sun, natures biggest source of renewable energy that can be harnessed anywhere in the world without depletion.

Solar Panels are in increasing in popularity in Alberta, and for good reason

Producing your own energy from the sun by using solar PV can be looked at like owning your own personal power plant. You'll own it for as long as you own your home and the cost of your electricity on that power plant will never increase, seeing the benefits for years to come.  Solar panels have a 25yr warranty and can last over 30yrs.

The costs of installing solar has never been so low and with available grants of up to $5000.00 (Canada Greener Homes Grant (  Solar has become even more affordable. 

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Alberta is ranked as the second-best province in Canada to generate solar electricity. In addition to being positive for the environment, a solar system is a smart purchase and provides a return on investment unlike many other home improvements.  Here are some facts that dig into some of the key drivers that most homeowners consider.

Reason #1: Reduce your cost of electricity. Paying for utility energy is essentially renting your energy; the utility gets to set the price, and costs continue to increase over time. Solar energy gives you a new, more affordable way to lock in your cost of electricity over the 25 year plus life of the system. 

Reason #2: Increased home value studies show that solar increases value of your home 3-4%. For an average priced home in Alberta (~$495,000 CAD). that is an potential increase of ~$17,325 CAD,  a recovery point for most residential solar systems. Homes with solar are also believed to sell faster than those without, providing homeowners with additional flexibility and value.

Reason #3: Climate leadership. Adding a home or business solar system can show energy independence and climate leadership by reducing other energy sources such as natural gas or coal. Being a leader is the first step to seeing a renewable energy transition in communities and helping Canada reach its climate action goals or net-zero emissions by 2050.

Reason #4: Reduce carbon footprint.  Although emissions are produced during the production and transportation of solar panels, it typically takes less than two years for a solar panel to generate the same amount of energy required for its production. SOLAR HAS A NET POSITIVE IMPACT. This means that a solar panel lasting at least 25 years could save at least 20 years worth of home emissions!