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Residential Solar in Alberta


Example of a 6kw system

The average solar PV system installed on a home in Alberta is about 6kw


Costs to install: 1kw = $2500

      $2500 x (6kw) = $15,000.00

Government Grant applied @ $1000.00/kw up to $5000.00 

      $15,000.00 - $5000.00 = $10,000.00

Cost to install 6kw solar PV system


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What is the return on a (6kw) $10,000.00 solar PV system?

Lets look at 25yrs!


A solar system installed in Alberta will generate about 1 kw/1300 kwh/yr

      6kw x 1300kwh/yr = 7800kwh/yr   

Solar has a life span of 30+yrs with a 25yr warranty

      25yrs x 7800kwh/yr = 195,000kwh 


Average price today for energy from a provider is

~10 cents/kwh. (Increasing & fluctuating yearly)

Average rate for the $10,000.00 (6kw System) over 25 yrs @ 195,000kwh

      $10,000.00/195,000kwh = 5 cents/kwh  

5 cents/kwh


Remember we said its like owning your own power plant!!

The rate of ~5 cents/kwh on the 6kw solar PV system does not increase or fluctuate.

Solar generation rate compared to providers rate

Rates based off of calculated value over 25yrs


Solar Calculator

Alberta solar map 
Edmonton & Area
1 kw = ~1300 kwh/yr
1400 - 1300 - 1200 - 1100 - 1000 - 950
Solar generation kwh/kw/yr
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