LED Retrofitting

What is an LED Retrofit?

Retrofitting simply means something new, not part of the original design of a home, business or facility. 

LED Lights are becoming the new standard for construction of homes, facilities, institutions and industrial companies which are also making LED retrofits part of ongoing upgrading and maintenance. The four main reason why are:

1. Energy efficiency improvements.

2. Reducing operation costs.

3. Improving lighting quality.

4. Reducing labour and material cost due to the longevity of LED's versus traditional, antiquated lighting systems.


Statistically 10% of the costs over a lifespan of operating a facility is spent on the actual purchase of the facility.

The remaining 90% is other various operating expenses. A Hugh portion of this is the energy expenses such as heating and electricity while other expenses involve maintenance. Lighting is by one of the larger expenses and upgrading your facility to LED is one of the smartest investments you can make.  Consider how much labour costs are to replace one light fixture, ballasts, or even a simple bulb replacement; its more often more economical to change out the whole lighting system to LED with payback realized in as low as 9 months. 


Looking to install solar?

One of the first things Solaré will suggest is retrofitting your home or

business lighting to LED if not already done. LED will lower your energy

consumption, Instantly showing a substantial savings on your next

energy bill. Solaré can also suggest other energy saving tips, lowering

your consumption even further.

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