Considering solar for your home?

Grid tied Solar PV systems are in increasing in popularity in Alberta and for good reasons:

Alberta is ranked as the second-best province in Canada to generate solar electricity.  In addition to being a positive force of good for the environment, solar PV systems are a smart investment.  

Here are some of the key drivers that interest most homeowners:

  1. Reduce your cost of electricity

  2. Increased home value

  3. Climate leadership

  4. Reduced carbon footprint

With the rising costs of electricity Solar energy gives you a new and more affordable way to manage your energy costs. Now, with the available Federal grants of up to $5000.00, going solar is more affordable than ever!

Did you know?


According to a study from (2018) Alberta sources 91% if energy from fossil fuels (coals and natural gas).

Therefore, installing solar panels on your home can reduce your carbon footprint by as much as 4.5 tonnes of CO2 annually.  That is almost the same amount of CO2 that can average Canadian vehicle emits in a year.

How does it work?


Part of the appeal of having solar energy is once it is up and running, you don't ever have to think about it. Weather you're at work or spending days with friends or family, your solar panels are producing energy to power your home.

Most systems installed in Alberta are actually grid tied systems.

This means there is no expensive costs of batteries and no power uncertainty for you home.  When your system produces more energy that you can consume, it goes back to the grid and you get paid back as a credit.  When it's cloudy or snowy and your system produces less than you consume, your house draws the energy it needs from the grid.

What's the first step?


Choosing the right contractor

Since solar panels typically last for over 30 years, the system should ne installed in the best way possible to maximize the return of your investment.  Selecting a reputable and experienced contractor is the most important choice you can make to create the most efficient solar system. The right contractor will identify and account for the range of factors that influence your homes solar potential while ensuring your system is reliable and your investment sound for years to come.

Grid Tied Solar

Solaré Canada is proudly owned and operated in Alberta and has been installing solar since 2013.  We are here to help determine your solar needs and achieve your goals

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